Advanced Text Formatting (Students)

Advanced Text Formatting (Students)

Omega Notes offers many ways for students to take notes effectively and they can be found by clicking the “TOOLS” icon on the left side of the page when taking a note. The tools will expand and you will be given many different options to choose from.

The first top three icons allow the user to:

Create a new page

Preview the note

Print the note

The fourth icon will allow you to create templates for your note to better organize your thoughts

The next set of icons refer to 




Pasting as plaintext

Pasting from word

The two arrow icons refer to undoing and redoing an action

These icons allow the user to find and replace specific parts of a note

The icon below allows you to select all parts of your note

This icon lets you spell check your note

These icons allow you to manipulate your text in a variety of ways including, Bolding, Underlining, Strikeout and the use of scripts shown below.

This icon allows you to remove formatting from your notes

These two icons allow you to make numbered and bullet points

These two icons allow you to increase or decrease your indents

This Icon allows you to make block quotes

These icons can align your note to the left, center, right, and uniform

The first two icons here allow you to change the direction of your text from right or left

The last icon allows you to change the language

The first two icons allow you to link and unlink parts of your notes

The last icon allows you to add an anchor to your notes to outline important parts of notes

The next set of icons allow you to add the following to your notes





Special Characters

Page Breaks

The next set of icons allow you to do the following:

Change font

Change paragraph format

Text color

Background color

These two icons allow you to maximize your note and show each block of your note.

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