Closing a Question (Students)

Closing a Question (Students)

Questions can be a useful tool in Omega Notes. They allow a chance for your peers or your professors to assist you on a part you may not quite understand. After your question is answered, you can close the question to let others know that this question doesn't need to be answered anymore.

When first closing a question, you must navigate to the notebook. This can be done by moving your cursor to the top right corner of your window:

Navigate to the question that you made and click on “VIEW”:

After clicking view, there are 3 options that display with your question, click the “Edit” button:

After clicking the edit button, you are able to see some options that go along with your question. One of the options is labeled, “Question Status”. When Question Status is selected, a dropdown menu will appear with a few options: 

From here you can select whether you want the question to be closed or resolved.

Go ahead and choose, “Closed” and click save.

Now when your note is displayed on another student's screen, they will know that the question no longer needs to be answered.

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