Creating Notes Within a Course Pack (Educator)

Creating Notes Within a Course Pack (Educator)

While students read through resources in a Course Pack, they are afforded classroom communication skills traditionally reserved for face-to-face learning and online forums in the usage of notes. These notes allow the class to highlight key information using Notes, ask questions of other participants with Flashcards, and seek help or clarification over difficult concepts with Question cards. The notes can be submitted under the user’s name or through an incognito feature to allow students who are intimidated by seeking public input to share in a safe manner. Utilizing the Notes section in the dashboard a professor will be able to view notes by course, type, and user engagement throughout multiple Course Packs.

Flashcards: The purpose of this note style is to allow students to work collaboratively or independently in the development of review resources throughout the reading.

Notes: Think of the note as a public annotation where readers can highlight key content or share useful information with the class to summarize information or identify key takeaways. Notes are the only style without the incognito style.

Question: Question cards can be used as a call for help or clarification and can be public or incognito through a flipped setting. When made public or in groups with the privacy setting it allows peers and instructors to offer assistance to your question. 

All three types of notes carry a separate color coding for ease of review by peers and instructors. Additionally, these notes can be made public, private, or shared within smaller student groups depending on class sizes and goals. 

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