How to Create a Question (Students)

How to Create a Question (Students)

How to make a question (notebook)

Most of us have had the feeling of getting stuck when it comes to understanding materials. With Omega Notes’ question function, your peers and professors are able to assist you with understanding the material that is giving you a hard time.

When you want to make a question, all one would have to do is click the plus button in the top right of the notebook:

You’ll notice that a template comes out from the right. From here you can make any type of note you want. At the top left corner of the template you can choose the type. This can be a regular notes, question, or a flashcard. You’ll notice that the color changes with each kind of note that you choose.

You can choose the privacy settings on the middle tab and choose whether they display publicly, privately, or in a group that you are in. After that, you can choose the type of tag. This lets people know if the question is for review, or if you need help, or if this is an important question.

After typing your question in the text box, you can then file it under the course pack, give it a class label, and assign it a Section and page number. You will also notice that there is an incognito tab at the top. This is only visible after choosing the course pack. Some students choose to ask a question anonymously, this helps people to not feel singled out if they feel that an answer to a question is obvious.

After your settings are selected, press “Save” and your question is made.

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