How to View Notes in the E-Reader (Students)

How to View Notes in the E-Reader (Students)

When reading, you are able to view the notes that other students have made on the page you are viewing. This makes it helpful when you are looking at material and see a possible term or explanation for something that might not make sense to you. By viewing notes in the e-reader, you see if anyone else thought the same thing by following these steps. 

While using the E-reader on a certain page, look at the top right of the material to see these options

At the top right of the picture above, you will notice a grey arrow. After clicking this arrow you will see the side bar expand to display the notes available 

Notice the top of the list you can see that there is a “Refine Results” button. When this is clicked a dropdown will appear with options to narrow down your search. This will make it useful when many people make notes on the same page.

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